The project started in April 2019, it targets the children living in slum areas and are earning a livelihood through rag picking. Needless to say, that these children are underprivileged, helpless and vulnerable to multiple adverse situations. The grown-up residents of Palawi age between 16-19 years are doing volunteer work under guidance of Mangal Shah. Proud to say that they are acting as an agent of change and giving back to society through social work.

Palawi is providing education (formal as well as value education) to 32 children such children. At the initial stage the classes are being conducted on Saturday and Sunday in batches. The organization has set Medical health checkups, counseling services, providing them cloths and stationery. The plan is to provide them vocational training courses in the near future. Vocational courses would help them in generating income. Palawi is also coordinating with other NGO’S which provides help and support to underprivileged children.