Mr. Sachin Tikekar


We were very happy to know that our kids were thought importance of cleanliness and discipline in the schools. Professionals at PALAWI, A Project by Prabha-Hira Prathisthan are doing a great job by associating with the school and teaching our kids good morals and values.

Mr. Sachin Tikekar


We appreciate the wonderful experiences you are providing these children. From the sounds of your background, your energy, talents and commitment have brought important momentum to this very worthwhile effort. Keep up the good work

Mrs.Shubhangi Patil

PALAWI, A Project by Prabha-Hira Prathisthan used their exceptional creative and communication skills to train HIV+ children in the field of art. They served as a true role model and source of inspiration to the children, also securing financial and other aid for the program as well as the children’s day-to-day needs.

Mrs.Pramila Sawant

PALAWI, A Project by Prabha-Hira Prathisthan is doing a great service to the Nation and the Citizens by going to the root level to teach and inculcate good morals and develop ‘Responsible Citizens of the Future’. This gives us and the students motivation to work more.