Under the ”Palawi Sewatirth” the following initiative will be taken into action.

  1. Gurukul for Blind Children. In Solapur District there is no school for blind children beyond class 10th. We at Sewatirth are planning to provide Educational, Vocational, Socila skills to help them become confident and financially independent.
  2. The number of School Drop outs Is huge. There is an urgent need to provide them a Residential School for underprivileged children. Education, Vocational Training and Social Skills Enhancement will deter them from becoming Anti – Social.
  3. Under “Hirakarni” project started in2012, need a minimum 100 beds Hostel ( Residential Home) for rehabilitation of women and children who have been abandoned by their families.
  4. Palliative Care Unit for HIV/AIDS positive children , Cancer Patients and Handicapped People. The goal of such therapy is to improve quality of life for both the person and their family. For this minimum 100 beds Care Unit is required.
  5. Animal torture and Abuse is a sad reality in our society. “Sewatirth “ believes that animals have right to live with dignity just like human beings. To provide shelter to abandoned animals and help them recuperate and lead a decent life.
  6. Gomutra ( Cow’s Urine) has therapeutic purposes in traditional Indian medicine, Ayurveda. Gomutra is also an important component of the mixture called “Panchgavya”. Our 18 years experience show its therapeutic effects on HIV positive children. Benefits of cow’s milk has been known to us for centuries. 100 Desi Cows are required for the same purpose