Online Donation using payment gateway (Within India)

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Direct Account desosit / Cash Donation from indside India (NEFT/IMPS)

Bank Name : IDBI Bank Bank Add : Pandharpur - 413304
A/C title : Prabha HIra Pratishthan
A/C No. : 54010010004843
IFSC Code : IBKL0000540

Direct Account desosit / Cash Donation from outside India(FCRA)

Bank Name : Bank of India
A/C title : Prabha Hira Pratishtan
A/C No. : 071710110004836

The Care Home at Palawi is supported mainly through donations. We need your help and solicit your commitment to support our initiative and become part of our donor community and support our children with your financial contributions or in-kind donations. Through small monthly payments or one-time donations, you can make a difference in the lives of children at the Palawi Care Home.

You can select from the options for contributuion

Details Amount (INR)
Daily Snacks 2100
Daily Meals 5100
Medical Assistance 5000 (monthly)
Sponsor a child 21,000 (yearly)
For construction in memory of your loved ones 51,000

All the donations will avail income-tax benefit u/s 80 G .FCRA No. 083980078.

Donation in Kind

Name Details
Rice 50kg
Dal 20kg
Ghee 10kg
Sugar 20kg
Aata 40kg
Groundnut 10kg
Red Beans (chana) 10kg
School stationary Any