Rehabilitation project of HIV/AIDS affected orphan children in India

Mangaltai runs an institution called Prabha-Hira Pratishthan. One day, I attended a program on Mangaltai’s invitation and was awe-struck by her outstanding work. She shelter and provides care for children who have been affected by AIDS. She is totally surrendered herself to the cause of bringing joy in the lives of these ephemeral children largely rejected by the society. Her daughter Dimple, Son-in-Law Rajkumar,and her son have also joined her in carrying out this extraordinary commendable work.

Mangaltai took us to her project site which was in a highly dilapidated condition.It was measly tin shed, with 2 rooms, too frail to survive the mildest of rains and winds. Yet in such adverse conditions, Mangaltai, standing as a strong pillar of strength un-deterrently carries on her work. Mangaltai was playing with a baby whose sister had recently passed away. “What was the fault of these siblings who were brought irresponsibly into the world?” In her letter, Mangaltai writes, “Ankita was in my lap. I could not wink of sleep that night. She passed away in my arms. I slowly whispered in, the words of a Madgulkar poem slightly modified ‘your last nest in my lap….’. With tears in my eyes I wrote to her, “Tai, where do you get this courage, this perseverance and this determination from?” Mangaltai wrote back coolly “From there where from Hirkani got hers”.