Rehabilitation project of HIV/AIDS affected orphan children in India

Residential :- Specious child friendly leaving rooms for children providing adequate ventilation & light segregated by gender & age.
Health Care :- We teach them how to take personal hygiene of the child Such as toilet , cleaning teeth, bathing, changing clothes etc.
Education :- The primary education is being provided at school through E-learning system.
Recreation :- We providing them indoor & outdoor game facilities, Audio- Video Presentation of songs, movies, projects etc.
Counselling :- We have counseling room shall be an enclosed space, so that one to one counseling to be undertaken in private atmosphere.
Meditation & Yoga :- Daily Sessions & agnihotra Meditation & Yoga to keep children mentally strong.
Medical Treatment :- The organization has linkage with Dr. Shital Shah’s (M.D.C.H.) “Navjeevan Children Hospital” having NICU, PICU, ICU facilities & Sub District Hospital for ART treatment, CD4 count. We have Observation room of 2 beds for children who are ill.
Vocational Training :- We providing vocational training for making handmade products & exhibited them so they become self reliant.

Recent Activities

Mangaltai runs an institution called Prabha-Hira Pratishthan. One day, I attended a program on Mangaltai’s invitation and was awe-struck by her outstanding work. She shelter and provides care for children who have been affected by AIDS. She is totally surrendered herself to the cause of bringing joy in the lives of these ephemeral children largely rejected by the society.

Nutrition support by Wockhard Foundation

Mangaltai receiving "Nari Samata Manch" Award at Pune

Dimple Mam Receving Award from Sachin Tendulkar