Palawi project under Prabha-Hira Pratisthan was established in 2001 at Pandharpur. It provides a Care Home for orphan children living with HIV.  Palawi believes that all children have a fundamental rights to a loving, fun-filled childhood with access to health, education, and a safe and stigma free environment. Palawi has given a lifetime commitment to provide for their educational, nutritional, medical and recreational needs. We also aim at bringing awareness on HIV/AIDS and to sensitize the general population to the prevalence of HIV. 

Beginning of Palawi 

Mrs Mangal Shah is the founder and trustee of Palawi. Its been 18 years now since inception of Palawi  in 2001 when two girl child were found abandoned in a cow- shed.  The deserted infants were HIV positive. Mrs Mangaltai began to provide her love, care and support to such children with open arms. The initial period of her work was no less than any struggle but her strength, hard work and commitment towards orphaned and abandoned HIV positive made Palawi a living example. 

Mangaltai believes that curbing the HIV epidemic necessitates broadening the scope of services beyond health, to encompass nutrition, psycho-social support, education, legal, livelihood and social protection.

In this process of bringing  in positive changes the lives of HIV positive children, Mangaltai’s daughter Dimple Ghadge, Rajkumar kumar Gadge (son in law) and her son have given absolute support in running of the institution.


  • Mrs. Mangaltai Shah President-9881533403
  • Mrs. Dimple R. Ghadge-Secretary-9860069949
  • Mr. Uttam abhangrao(Pandharpur)
  • Mr. Amol Nagtilak (Pandharpur)
  • Mrs.Poonam Gandhi (Akluj) 9823662253
  • Mrs. Ujjwala Patil (Pandharpur)
  • Mr. Adrash Doshi (Pandharpur)
  • Mr. Ravikant Shah (Lonand) 02169-225018
  • Mrs.Subhangi Patil (Kolhapur)
  • Mrs. Kunda Tamhankar (Pune)

Honorable Advisory Committee

  • Mr. Sanjubhai Kothadia (C.A) (Pandharpur)
  • Dr. Shital shah (Child specialist) (Pandharpur)
  • Mr. Ketan Shaha (Solapur)
  • Mrs. Smita Sharad Shah (Pune)
  • Dr. Sudesh Doshi
  • Dr. Sarit Kothadia
  • Dr. Raman Doshi (Madha)
  • Mrs. Gouri Kularni (Nasik)
  • Mrs. Rutuja Shah (Advocate)
  • Mr. Rajkumar Ghadge (Pandharpur)

Public Relatoinship Officer

  • Kaushiki Sinha (Pune)
  • Geeta Tai - Pune

Recent Activities

Mangaltai runs an institution called Prabha-Hira Pratishthan. One day, I attended a program on Mangaltai’s invitation and was awe-struck by her outstanding work. She shelter and provides care for children who have been affected by AIDS. She is totally surrendered herself to the cause of bringing joy in the lives of these ephemeral children largely rejected by the society.